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Welcome to ALL ABOUT BACKUP Inc.’s (est. 2006) informational website.

Our key focus is TOTAL SYSTEM Care (Computer plus all related equipment)  encompassing our Next-Level Data Protection in-step with our Business/ Home client’s needs & means.

Providing our clients with Substantive Quality Care, True Value & Targeted Cost Savings by way of our various products & services offerings – such as; “Cloud Backup, Cybercrime Fighting Tools & Solutions, Data Backup (Preservation) & Restoration, Data/ Computer Recovery, Break-Fix Repairs, Upgrades, Migrations, Installations & Virus/ Malware Removals”  Plus… Many More !!!

YES we do it ‘All’ – though we focus upon Pre-emptive Preventative Actions that are specifically designed to help keep our client’s computing investment “Healthy” & performing “Optimally” at all possible times while ensuring there are “Quick Recovery” solutions in place should there ever be a “Malfunction or Cyber-Attack” event.


New attacks of various sorts are a ‘Daily Happening’.  We acknowledge that & continually work toward stopping or at least lessening the overall blow to your computer/ business operation.

  • Typical life expectancy of computers (Daily use) WITHOUT a Hardware Malfunction is about 3 years.
  • Typical life expectancy of computers (Daily use – connected onto the internet) in getting a  Cyber-Attack (Virus, Malware or Ransomware) capable of Destroying/Corrupting Data – is about 1 DAY.

As soon as your computer is able to connect & surf the internet there’s a greater potential of a Cyber-Attack.

Please also note that a very small amount of these events are innocently caused by improper installations of software & updates too.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of computer users we have spoken with believe they can simply rebuild their internal hard drive’s Data/ Operating System from it’s internal (hard drive) ‘Recovery Partition/ Track’ without to much trouble.

Here are the 4 key flaws with that ideal:

  1. ‘Yes’ it will rebuild (as long as the Internal Drive’s Rebuild Partition is operational) – but any personal files (Docs, Pictures, Music & Videos) will likely not be present at the end of rebuild process.
  2.  Any application programs installed after the initial build will likely need to be re-installed – sometimes they may be too old to be sourced once again.
  3. Any Microsoft Office programs that were originally part of the initial build were likely ‘Trial Versions’ only – so for the full operational version they will need to be paid for online once again.
  4. Lastly & the most important’, should the internal hard drive have a ‘Major Malfunction/ Failure (which is fairly common)’ – there will be NOTHING left to rebuild from, leaving you in the end with a still non-operational computer (the proverbial ‘Boat Anchor’).

That last point (4) is why ALL computers need a ‘Rock Solid’ Computer Backup Solution.

We of ALL ABOUT BACKUP Inc provide those types of solutions plus many many other unique services on a day-to-day basis & at very very reasonable rates.

Our offerings are integrated & specially selected to save our client’s ‘Computer Investment’ from future ruin caused by Malfunctions & Cyber/Ransomware Attacks.

Of course the best time to apply our TOTAL Computer Care solutions is when the system is NEW.

But we at ALL ABOUT BACKUP Inc have organized our offerings in such a way to also apply our TOTAL Computer Care solutions to any USED (fully or partially operational) computer systems to.

We have (over the years) even Renewed (Brought-Back-to-Life) computers which were in the most dire circumstances – such as ‘Failing to Boot-up’ from it’s internal operating system.


To accomplish these feats, here’s what we are ALL ABOUT

Aftermarket Products & Services:

  • Provide SPEED, Sustainable Up-time & Longevity to help extend the life of Microsoft Windows/ MAC computer investment.
  • Using our Intervention Methods/Services & Special Name-Brand Products – will help the computer avoid most of these Cyber-Attack/Malfunction events or least minimize the downtime incurred to recover from them while adding years of rock-solid performance.

For example, clients using our services continue to use Windows computers from as far back as 1998 & still going strong !!!

Value-Add Integration’s of Products & Services:

  • Incorporating best practice policies & solutions providing Reliable, Sustainable & Secure” computing experiences with the least amount of cost & worry!

Enlighten & Enrich via our Situational Awareness Instruction:

  • Empowering clients with Tried & True current “Strategies, Tools, Techniques & Solutions” to quickly & effectively combat the constantly evolving computerCyber-Attacks,  Malfunctions & Melt-Downs” with pin-point accuracy. 
  • Additionally our teachings take the “Complex” out of “Complicated” through assisting our clients with the “Day-to-Day” happenings of “Software Updates”.

And… here’s what we also DO – Plus more

  • Data Backup (Preservation)/ Recovery/ Restorations
  • Cloud Backup – combines Google Drive (Cloud) & Acronis Backup/ Restore software solutions.
  • Computer/ Server Duplication/ Hot-Spare (Drive/ Equipment) creation
  • Break/ Fix Repair
  • Cybercrime Fighting Tools & Solutions
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Data Cleanup & Optimizations
  • Data Migration
  • Operating System Rebuilds
  • Computer/ Peripheral Installations

We combine those offerings (dependent upon client’s needs) into a complete All About Backup Inc Computer Care package that’s typically a FLAT-Fee charge – starting from $95 (NOT hourly).

We also offer a “Management Services Contract” available upon request (Pricing is based on a per site basis).

Please note our offerings are performed primarily ONSITE, but can also be performed Remotely – using our Remote-Connect Service.

  • The “Remote-Connect” service utilizes a high-speed internet connection connected to your computer.  The whole time you get to observe & control our every move.

Aftermarket Service offerings:

  • Data Backup & Restoration > Preservation
  • 24x7x365 Multi-Schedulable UNATTENDED/On-Demand Cloud Backup/Restoration > Powered-by “Google Drive & Acronis
  • Data Conversions  (35mm Film, CD’s, DVD’s, Internal-to-External Data Storage)
  • Data Recovery
  • Design/Build Computer Systems
  • Duplication’s > Swap-able units  (Computers/Peripherals)
  • 24x7x365 Emergency Backup Internet Facilitating Service using Wifi
  • Fault Tolerant Systems (Computers &/or Peripherals)
  • Grooming > Tailoring Desktop Operations (Microsoft)
  • Installations/Upgrades
  • Adjustments/Operating System Rebuilds  (Hardware/Software + Peripherals)
  • Cyber-Attack Malware, Ransomware, Spyware & Virus Removals & additional Protection > included in our PC Clean-up 2017″  service offerings!
  • Managed Services
  • Migrations  (Microsoft-to-Microsoft, Microsoft-to-Apple <MAC>)
  • Networking
  • Prevention  (Microsoft/Apple <MAC>)
  • Repair/Servicing – Computers or Peripherals
  • SPEED Rejuvenation Cleanup > PC Clean-up 2017″  service offerings!
  • Tutoring
  • Website Design/Implementation  (CMS – Content Management Software > WordPress)

Aftermarket Services weblink:  http://allaboutbackupinc.net/allaboutbackupinc.com/?page_id=42


Presently All About Backup Inc. is assisting/representing locally & abroad  13  very large computer service organizations from right across North America doing various Break-fix/Project work requests (as in Installations, De-Installs & Upgrades of Computer Systems/Networks).

Due to our versatile work force & flexible scheduling abilities we are still welcoming new Business/Service Organizations requiring ‘Experienced Quality Hands-on Assistance & Support’ at very reasonable rates.


Our compliment of products/services are formulated to incorporate Microsoft & Microsoft Certified programs and devices.

Our proven Proactive formulation – “Holy Grail” of performance – helps provide Speed, Stability, PC Longevity & Resilience”.

Become a client of  ALL ABOUT BACKUP Inc. and you too can enjoy PC Performance” without those PC Slow BLUES”.

Thank you, & Happy Computing.

So before your PC Blows-up > Speed it up, Protect it & Preserve it!

All About Backup Inc. (2006)
A+ Cert.  Computer Engineering Technology Company

Email:  getaabincasap@gmail.com

Striving to provide Global ‘Reliable, Sustainable & Secure Computing’


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